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This website is not just a website, it's a library - your library where you can come to browse, study and learn. I am under increasing pressure to put those annoying ads on my pages (which I really don't want to). They take away from what you really want to do; learn a new language.


In order to keep the library running, growing and keeping all this information free, I rely on donations to keep it online.

If you'd like to help spread the word about this site, please add a link to any page in the library onto your own website or blog. Maybe even text or DM a link or two to someone. This will help by sending traffic to my site and keep those nasty ads and subscriptions away. I sincerely thank you if you are able to help in this regard.

If you think the Speak Up! Languages™ Reference Library would be a useful tool for you or a friend who is also learning a language and you would like to make a small contribution, please tap on any of the amounts below to take a minute to contribute and keep the library online and growing. Or at least buy me a cup of coffee. :-)

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