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When Will I Master the Language?
Where Should I Learn?

Where can I learn?

If you really want to advance your language skill levels, the best thing you can do for yourself is live in an immersion situation. This will force you to communicate without your native language backing you up. This is also the best way to learn how to think in the language since you won't have time to translate between the languages in your head. You'll learn to think at that moment and your language ability will increase dramatically.

Note that simply living in another country won't mean that you will magically become fluent immediately. Just like learning anything else, You have to use the language: go shopping, take taxis, negotiate... in other words - talk to people! Only by speaking can you improve your language ability, no matter where you live or study.

I can't afford to live in another country

If you can't live in another country, the next best way to study is in a class, where the student is surrounded by the language but is not necessarily living in a region where the language is spoken. It may not as good as true immersion, but it will help when practicing with others.