The Rosetta Stone Challenge - Italian

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Identifying Nouns

A noun is defined as a person, place, or thing. They can also be abstract things or ideas. For example, uomo (man), acqua (water), and amore (love) are nouns.

acqua - water
armadio - wardrobe
concetto - concept
delfino - dolphin
donna - woman
idea - idea
olio - oil
sedia - chair
tigre - tiger
uomo - man

Nouns and Gender

Unlike in English, the Italian language has a grammatical concept called gender which has very little to do with the specific qualities of the object to which it refers or represents. Gender in Italian is easily indicated (for the most part) by the definite articles il for masculine nouns and la for feminine nouns - both of which means 'the'.

la acqua - water
el armadio - wardrobe
el concetto - concept
el delfino - dolphin
la donna - woman
la idea - idea
el olio - oil
la sedia - chair
la tigre - tiger
el uomo - man