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Definite and Indefinite Articles

There are two types of article in Italian, just like in English. They are the articolo determinativo (definite article), and the articolo indeterminativo (indefinite article).

    In giardino c'è un cane. - There is a dog in the garden.
    In giardino c'è il cane. - The dog is in the garden.

In Italian the form of the article not only has to agree with the gender and number of the noun it is attached to, but also according to the initial letter of the word following it.

The basic forms of the articles in Italian are:

Masculine Articles

Definite article:il / loi / gli
Indefinite article:un / uno--

Feminine Articles

Definite article:la / l'le
Indefinite article:una / un'--

If the word following the articles la and una begin with a vowel, then they're abbreviated to l' and un' as we'll see on the next pages.