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Helping You Talk to the World

• Introduction
• The Teaching Environment
   The Traditional Way
   Student-Centered Teaching
   Group Set-up
   Group Management
   Learning from Study
   Teaching Hints
   Let the Students Teach Themselves
• Communication Strategies
   Listening Strategies
   Learning On The Spot
   Speaking Strategies
   Teach Ways to Control Conversations
   Word Whiskers
   Reading Strategies
   Strategies for Improving Reading Skills
   Writing Strategies
   Tips for Writing Practice
• What Should Be Taught?
   Teaching a Basic Foundation
   The Formalities
   Teaching Adjectives
   The Basics of Verbs
   Focus on Meaning

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What is Power Language?
What You Already Know
Power Verbs
Power Charts
Power Grammar

Helping You Talk to the World

Things change, new stuff is learned, people are looking online for solutions to the communication problem. In view of this, I have revised and updated my book "Helping You Talk to the World". In it you'll find a lot more tips and advice to make language learning easy and do it on your own terms.

Book 2 focuses on teachers. It outlines the method and the classroom environment that I have used since 1987 to help my students learn a new language quickly and easily all within a 6 month period. The information in this book is also be useful for the learner.

Other updates include using today's digital world to your advantage in learning, and how to increase your language skills and boundaries 100% more than before! Plus, the section on setting up a classroom environment has been expanded to get even more out of your student's capabilities. Any future updates will be posted here, so please come back to see what's new.

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