Taking Leave

Saying Goodbye
Auf Wiedersehen! - Good-bye!
This is the standard German phrase used just like "Good-bye!" in English. It is considered impolite to simply leave a place or situation without saying good-bye, even if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen the people you are leaving. So whenever you're leaving a small shop or market, an apartment house elevator or a train compartment, be sure to give them a quick "Wiedersehen!"

Tschüs! / Tschüß! - Bye!/Ciao!
This was once used among close friends, but nowadays has become as common as auf wiedersehen. In fact, in many parts of Germany, Tschüs! has largely replaced Auf Wiedersehen! [1]

Tschüssi! - Bye-bye!
A variant of tschüs!.

Tschau! - Bye!
Borrowed from Italian Ciao!.

[1] In Bavaria and Austria, Tschüs! is frowned upon. In those places you should stick to the standard Auf Wiedersehen!. You may also hear and use Wie schauen! or the informal Servus! and Pfiat di!

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