Getting to Know You

What is your name?
Literally translated as "How are you called?", the correct response is your last name, not your first.
Wie heißen Sie? formal
Wie heißt Du? informal

Ich heiße Schaaf. - My name is Schaaf.
Ich heiße Schwarzbauer. - My name is Schwarzbauer.

What is your name?
This is just like English "What is your name?". And the answer is the same as if asking Wie heißen Sie?.
Wie ist Ihr Name? formal
Wie ist Dein Name? informal

Mein Name ist Schaaf. - My name is Schaaf.
Mein Name ist Schwarzbauer. - My name is Schwarzbauer.

Cultural Awareness

Meeting and Greeting

Unlike most English speakers Germans are not as quick to use first names. Upon first meeting they prefer a more formal, last-name situation. Don’t be the first to switch off to first names. It can make some Germans uncomfortable. It's best that you wait for the German-speaker to suggest any changes to the relationship.
You can use informal speech to children under the age of 13, pets, close friends, family and relations, and addressing God

When to "duzen"

The verb duzen means, literally to you (informally) and siezen means, literally to you (formally). Contrary to English, German makes a distinction between the formal way of saying you (Sie) and the informal way (du). The formal Sie you would use when talking to a stranger, highly respected person, as for example in some circles ...
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