Banking and Money Matters

Using the Cash Machine

No cash teller window??

Most bank branches have no cash teller window, so if you ask "Wo ist die Kasse? - Where is the cashier’s window?", you most likely are going to hear:

Wir haben keine Kasse. - We have no cash teller/cashier’s window.

That means you'll be looking for an ATM (cash machine) to get cash or deposit cash into your account. You'll be looking for a sign that says Auszahlungen (withdrawals) or Einzahlungen (deposits).

You should be able to withdraw cash with a credit or debit card on most machines (look for the Visa and MasterCard logos). Machines marked Einzahlungen will only accept cash for depositing. Machines marked Kontoauszüge is for getting a look at your bank statement.
Vocabulary to look for

der Geldautomat
der Bankomat
    1) ATM
    2) cash machine

Bestättigen or Bestättigung (usually a green button)
    1) confirm/OK

die Geheimzahl
    1) PIN code
      Bitte, geben Sie Ihre Geheimzahl ein. - Please enter your PIN.

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