Are you going to the ...?

Gehen Sie ins Hotel
Gehst Du

Ja, ich gehe ins Kino
Ja, ich gehe ins Büro
Ja, ich gehe ins Theater
Ja, ich gehe ins Kaffeehaus


Gehen Sie - Are you going?
Gehst Du - Are you going?
Ich gehe - I'm going
das Büro - the office
das Kino - the movies, cinema
ins - to the
ja - yes

Painless Grammar

1. All nouns begin with a capital letter

2. When a verb ends in -en and immediately followed by Sie, you would use this in a formal situation.

3. When a verb ends in -st and immediately followed by Du, you would use this in an informal situation.

4. When constructing a question in German, you simply switch the order of the verb and subject.
    Du gehst... - You are going...
    Gehst Du...? - Are you going...?

5. "ins" is a contraction of "in das"

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